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10 Pairs of French Knickers For Glamorous Summer Lounging

Friday Jul 20 2018

Some of our favorite lingerie is the kind that blurs the line between underwear and loungewear. In the winter this is often decadent robes or luxury bed jackets, but this summer we're all about the French knicker, or tap pant, or tap short, or however you would like to call them! These elegant little shorts look great at home or thrown over your swimsuit poolside. Not only that, they're also so comfortable in warmer weather, when you just can't bear the thought of too much clingy material. Silk ones add even more breathability, helping you to keep cool when it's just too hot to think about anything else. 

Today we're featuring some of our favorites, so you too can add a little more glamour to your summer plans. 

Pressed Petals French Shortie by Violet & Wren

Pressed Petals French Shortie by Violet & Wren:

These beautiful and breezy French knickers evoke layers of beautiful flower petals. They're perfect for scorching hot days under your favorite sundress or skirt, but also for lounging around in the evenings with a silk camisole. 


Damson French Knicker by Harlow & Fox


Eleanor Damson French Knicker by Harlow & Fox:

Our merlot colored silk French Knicker features stunningly beautiful lace panels and beautiful retro details. Our French Knicker is cut longer in the more traditional 1940's style, so they work beautifully as lingerie and as slip shorts under dresses. They're also made with stretch silk, for modern comfort alongside vintage styling.


Surrender Lace Tap Pant by Dottie's Delights


Surrender Lace Tap Pant by Dottie's Delights:

 Dottie's Delights finds amazing vintage fabrics and laces and turns them into modern feminine creations! This knicker exudes flirty vintage charm, while reusing and repurposing fabrics that would otherwise go to waste.


Janus Tap Short in Jet by Evgenia Lingerie

Janus Tap Short in Jet by Evgenia Lingerie:

 Evgenia Lingerie specializes in fabulous fabrics and intricate lace inset work. We love this perfectly cut Janus Tap Short with it's lace inset bow in the back. That little detail takes this piece from basic to absolutely perfection. 


Eleanor Hazel French Knicker by Harlow & Fox

Eleanor Hazel French Knicker by Harlow & Fox:

 Our caramel colored French Knicker pairs well with beige and champagne colors, as well as with black and white! They look especially lovely with gold jewelry and heels for a boudoir shoot. 


Almond Blossom Chiffon French Knicker by Ayten Gasson

Almond Blossom Chiffon French Knicker by Ayten Gasson:

Ayten Gasson specialized in Liberty print fabrics and exceptional peace silks, which are used to create pieces that are unique and infused with a vintage spirit. We love this light as air French Knicker which is perfect for our current hotter than usual weather. They're also lower waisted than a lot of other styles of tap pants, so perfect if you want to wear them under a skirt or shorts that wouldn't work so well with a more authentically vintage cut.


Golden Era Tap Pants by Dottie's Delights

Golden Era Tap Pants by Dottie's Delights:

These adorable lace tap panties feature an inset heart and a beautiful beige lace base. These are longer like ours and the more traditional 1940's styles, which make them perfect to lounge in or to incorporate into a lingerie as outerwear style outfit. 

Eleanor Lilac French Knicker by Harlow & Fox

 Eleanor Lilac French Knickers:

 Our lavender French Knicker features candy colored silk and delicate buttons down the side closure. We've trimmed these with lace panels for a extra lightness and a beautiful dramatic drape, perfect for under floaty summer sundresses on hot days.

Janus Tap Short in Marble by Evgenia Lingerie

Janus Tap Short in Marble by Evgenia Lingerie:

We love the contrast buttons on this Tap Short as well as the gorgeous bias cut silk - meaning they match perfectly with both ivory or black bras or camisoles. These are the perfect basic to have in your lingerie drawer, no matter what the weather is!


Vintage print tap pants

Effie Butterworth x Trendlistr Upcycled Vintage Printed Silk Tap Pants

We loved reading about this new venture from designers Effie Butterworth and Trendlistr, upcycling printed vintage silk scarves into beautiful tap pants and bralettes. Though of course the bralettes are best suited for smaller bust sizes, the idea of mixing and matching some of these gorgeous printed tap pants with a co-ordinating colour silk bra was just too good to resist! They are able to create pieces from your own fabric too, so if you've got a scarf you just love the print of, but can't find a practical way to wear it as it is, this might be the ideal solution!