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Interview by Two Cakes on a Plate

Saturday Dec 21 2013

Full bust lingerie blogger Two Cakes on a Plate interviewed our designer Leanna about the inspiration behind the debut collection, the challenges of creating luxury silk lingerie for larger cup sizes, and what's to come in the future!



Tell me first a little bit about your brand; how it was born and who is the woman/team behind it?

Harlow & Fox is a new British lingerie brand, specialising in luxurious, elegant garments designed specifically for the DD-G size range. The brand was born from my own desire to find sumptuous, beautiful, high-end lingerie that would fit a fuller bust size, with the same level of attention of detail and luxury fabrics as I saw in smaller size ranges. I was previously working as a registrar of marriages, so an entirely different field, but I knew what I wanted as a consumer, and set out to create it!

What does luxury mean to you? Was it easy/hard to combine luxury and full-bust products in practice?

To me, luxury means beautiful materials, attention to detail, and garments that just feel special. Although an entirely impractical fabric, it was very important to me to be able to use as much silk as possible, and to use the same delicate, finely-made leavers laces I saw and loved in smaller size pieces. It was incredibly difficult to find a way to combine these materials with the need for greater structure, support and strength that comes with larger cup sizes, but we have used various reinforcing techniques to be able to make the most of the beauty of the silk, whilst not compromising on the fit. Everything possible is also lined in silk as well, to give that feeling of luxury next to the skin as well as on the outside.

Where did you draw inspiration to your first collection?

The inspiration for the first collection came from all the classic inspirational things – old time glamour, elegance, reclining on a chaise longue with a martini wearing ethereal floating robes… But the way they came together was more about the materials, and the colours. The fabrics themselves were perhaps the most important inspiration – the Viola, for example, was created from trying to find a way to showcase the exquisite lace to its best advantage.

Which one has been the most popular line of Harlow & Fox since you launched the first collection? Which design is your personal favourite?

The most popular is probably a close contest between the Eleanor Almond and the Viola in terms of images shared online, and press interest, but the Alexandra is the one we’ve already sold out of some sizes in! (It is still possible as a special order though, so do send us an email if your size isn’t available online) So I’d say they’re all popular in their own way, but my personal favourite has to be the Eleanor. It’s just so timeless, and the colour looks so beautiful on.

We are reaching season SS14 already. Is the new collection already on it’s way and if so, what should we expect from it?

The SS14 pieces will be arriving in January and March, and will be the Eleanor recreated in a deliciously rich mink shade, perfect for Valentines Day; the Lydia, a combination of antique gold panelling and an intricate silk blend jacquard; and the Sophia, named after my mother, which features a gorgeous floor length sheer kimono and beautifully subtle allover leavers lace

Tell me about your target market. Who is Harlow & Fox woman? 

The Harlow & Fox woman is not necessarily a rigid follower of fashion, but appreciates classic, timeless styles, and wears her lingerie to feel beautiful within herself, first and foremost. She wants to own something that is made well, that brings out her natural beauty, and that makes her feel special, elegant and indulged.

What is in store for Harlow & Fox in the future?

We will be introducing our AW14/15 range to buyers in the new year, which we’re very excited about, and hope to expand into more international wholesale stockists in the near future.

Many thanks to Sophie at Two Cakes on a Plate for her thoughtful interview questions! Read more of her thoughts on full bust bras and lingerie here.