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elegant, beautifully luxurious silk lingerie, exclusively designed in England for sizes 30-38 DD-G

Fit Review: Alexandra Collection

Thursday Apr 14 2016

If you've been curious to get an idea of the fit of our bras before purchasing, or just wondering a little more about what they're like to wear, full bust blogger Sweet Nothings has all of the answers for you, in her in-depth and impeccably detailed review of our Alexandra collection. Of course, we already love her from her drop-dead fabulous holiday editorials (see Agent Carter, Miss Fisher and Swan Lake) as well as her amazing collaborative shoot ideas (see our diversity lingerie tea party) but it was just heartwarming to read her praise of the fit and comfort of wearing one of our collections.

To hear she thinks "Harlow & Fox is the best full-bust luxury lingerie brand currently on the market" is always nice,  so to find out more, take a read of the full review over on her blog, then take a look at the Alexandra collection yourself right here - there's the silk lined bra in sizes 30-38 DD-G, foiled silk waist cincher suspender belt, and classic silk brief.

"There are luxury full-bust brands with excellent, world-renowned fit that leave me cold, design-wise. There are luxury full-bust brands whose lookbooks dazzled me and whose fit turned out to be shockingly bad (I actually wound up declining to review one). There are, frankly, luxury full-bust brands who let their name and history justify a price point that just doesn’t make sense in today’s increasingly vibrant lingerie market. Harlow & Fox is the real deal. This is lingerie that makes me feel elegant, timeless, indulgent, glamorous, and comfortable in my skin. If I were a totally fancy lady who lived in a manor house my whole wardrobe would be Harlow & Fox, but even though I’m your average office-dweller, I still wear my H&F sets to work and to special occasions, to see friends and to hang around my apartment and blog. Sometimes we, as full-bust people, are used to measuring our bras by the metric of what we have to give up: oh, I can’t have skinny straps/sheer cups/certain designs etc. because they won’t work in my size. Harlow & Fox, by contrast, is all about treating yourself: fabulous fit, French lace, carefully dyed silk, a swish of silk tassels, lush prints, gold finishings, and the robes, oh my lord, the robes"


Alexandra luxury full bust lingerie review

 Alexandra luxury DD+ lingerie review

 Photography by Studio Rezin, styling and gorgeousness by Sweet Nothings