Blossom and Buttercups Festive Lingerie Picks

Vintage style blogger Blossom and Buttercups has created a beautiful video of her festive lingerie picks from us, featuring the Juliette and Eleanor Damson collections. 

Not only has she filmed the unboxing of her goodies so you can see more of the packaging that makes for the full luxury experience, but there's also lovely close up details of the lingerie, as well as her wearing the pieces herself.

Whether you're gifting for the festive season, or looking for something to bring a dose of vintage glamour another time, there's nothing quite like the feeling of silk, lace and a ridiculously decadent feather robe to truly feel extra special. 

Take a look at the full video to see all of her thoughts on the range, then shop your own Juliette or Eleanor Damson pieces, or Juliette Hazel Feather Robe, to bring a glorious dash of old time glamour and luxury to your lingerie collection. 

 Blossom and Buttercups wears Harlow and Fox Juliette luxury lingerie

Blossom and Buttercups wears Harlow and Fox Eleanor Damson