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Nova DD - G Cup Pyjama Review by Sweet Nothings

Tuesday Aug 27 2019

If there's one thing the blogger Sweet Nothings can be relied upon for, it's bringing a dash of glamour to the everyday. Tuesday night? Put on your favourite silk robe and pour yourself a cocktail. Hard day? Time to wear your most indulgent lingerie and feel a little better, no matter what the world is throwing at you. 

She's reviewed our Nova printed silk pyjamas, accompanied by some beautifully inspiring photography by Sylvie Rosokoff, with thoughts on fit, sizing and how lovely the silk feels.

What we're also loving is that these are forming part of her new "pyjama wardrobe" - throwing out old t-shirts and things she doesn't love, and replacing them with pieces that start and end each day in just the right way, with ours "just to complete my transformation into an eccentric lush who wears pyjamas to cocktail parties."

We're definitely big believers in the restorative power of luxury loungewear, whether as something to wake up in feeling that little bit extra special, or to end the day unwinding with all of your senses and just escaping from the outside world. As Sweets herself says- 

"Every single time I wear this set I get a little thrill. Work may be challenging, the world may be on fire, but if I need a reprieve, I can come home and put on this set and pretend to be a fancy lady detective on a break between cases."

Which is of course in reference to the glorious "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" show, which you should also really be watching whilst you're wearing your silk pyjamas, for the full effect.  

When we designed the Nova pyjamas, we created them based on our cup sized silk nightdress shape, so not only do they have all of the loveliness of a regular set of silk pyjamas for all your luxe lounging requirements, but they're also especially designed for DD - G cup bra sizes. The tops come in Small, Medium or Large with either DD - F or FF - G cup options, to allow for gentle flexibility in sizing. The cup panels are double layered with silk, so you will always feel the softness of the satin next to your skin, and a sash under the bust allows for further adjustability to get the fit just right for you. 

As all of our pyjamas are made to order, we can also mix and match the top and bottom sizes to suit you (if you would take a Small DD-F on the top, but a Medium on the bottoms, for example) and also the leg length of the bottoms, whether you need a longer than standard fit, or more petite sizing. Just drop us a note to discuss and we'd be happy to help. 

For now, head over to the Sweet Nothings blog to read the full review, and enjoy these stunning photos of her living her best lady detective life, shot by Sylvie Rosokoff. 

Sweet Nothings reviews DD+ bra sized silk pyjamas by Harlow & Fox

Harlow & Fox DD - G cup bra sized silk pyjamas review, in Nova print Harlow & Fox DD - G cup sized pyjama review Nova DD+ bra sized silk pyjamas review by Sweet Nothings

All photography by Sylvie Rosokoff