Poetry, Films & Beauty with Krystle Ada Epum

One of the things we love most about lingerie is the ability to create your own private dream world, hidden beneath your clothing or in your own boudoir. Nobody does this quite like one of our favourite artists, the poet Krystle Ada Epum. Through her Instagram @Krystleinlove she's always bringing us fresh inspiration for finding the beauty all around us, and her collection of films never fails to immerse us in a romantic dream world. 

Alongside a beautiful new film she created wearing our Juliette Hazel feather robe and custom sheer tulle gown, we wanted to find out more about her process, and her tips for bringing that magic to everyday life. Discover more of her work on her Vimeo, her portfolio and journal, or Instagram, and enjoy your own piece of ethereal romanticism.

What led you to creating both poetry and film together? They are such a magical combination!

I am in love with fashion films! Vera Wang and Elie Saab fashion films are the most magical creations. I wanted to be in them, wearing the ethereal gowns and glowing in beautiful light. And I've always felt that my poetry matched the romantic movements. So, I came up with this idea of poetry films so that I could live my dream and inspire other women to live beautifully.

Can you tell us more about the process you go through when beginning to write a poem? Does it all come at once, or do you work on multiple pieces at the same time?

I usually see something in nature that inspires me. I tend to write just a few lines at a time, typically in my little poetry notebook that I carry with me. Then I'll sit down at a later time, with a beautiful robe on and candles burning, and I'll write until I feel the poem is finished. Many of my poems don't actually become films! But for those that do, the writing process also involves me doing some sort of movement as I write - a hand floating in the air or me getting up to twirl - and you might even see those movements in the final video! 


Krystle wearing sheer feather robe and gown in botanical garden
The film pairings to your poems are just exquisite! Do you start with a poem you have already written and then film concepts come to you from that? Or the visuals come to you first, and your poem is born from the ideas within that?

Thank you! There are some locations that are so incredible that I film first and let the visuals inspire me to write. However, I do primarily begin with a poem fully written, then I choose the location or create the setting and select my wardrobe. I love wearing sheer robes for the ethereal touch they add to any setting.

What keeps you inspired in your daily life?

Romanticism, of course! Love, literature, visual art, foreign films, beautiful wine. Life itself, really.

So much of your work feels like an escape from the everyday world, but also immersing yourself in the beauty of both your surroundings, and within yourself too. What tips do you have for readers to create their own small version of this in their own day?

My most important tip is to be sure you’re able to mentally escape. You could create a beautiful setting at home, but still lose yourself in your thoughts on what needs to get done tomorrow or replaying a negative conversation in your mind. So, start by relaxing the mind by meditating. Next, play music that relaxes you or makes you feel sensual, slip on a silk robe and truly feel the fabric against your skin. Tell yourself something positive (like how beautiful your curves are). Then you'll be ready to create your gorgeous escape.


Krystle in garden wearing sheer floor length robe with feather trim 

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