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Summer Treats: Silk Lingerie and Homemade Ice Cream Pairings

Friday Jul 06 2018

As many of you know if you live in the US or in the UK, we’re in the middle of a summer heat wave! We love taking opportunities like this to relax and hang out in silk lingerie, at least until the summer temperatures become more normal. It’s also a fun time to try some gourmet cooking projects! Today we’re talking about something that is perfect for the middle of summer: ice cream!  

Ice cream is one of those things that sounds complicated to make but is actually really easy. The least fussy way to do it is to pick up something like this Cuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Maker but you can also make many ice creams without one. We like the Cuisinart one because it’s easy to clean and it churns ice cream quickly - and we’re always impatient when it comes to dessert! 

Today we’re featuring five of our favorite ice cream recipes that reflect flavors around the globe, along with some of our lingerie that pairs perfectly with them. Which one will become your new favorite summer treat?

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream Photo by Elise Bauer

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream via Elise Bauer/Simply Recipes

Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream:

Do you remember making hot chocolate from those spicy chocolate wedges in the winter? This is the summer version of that. It balances the decadence of chocolate ice cream with the spicy kick of cayenne pepper and cinnamon to create a dessert that warms and cools. Check out the full recipe here at

Katerina Robe by Harlow & Fox

Katerina Robe by Harlow & Fox:

Our silk Katerina Robe also balances sweet and spice in it’s Art Deco influenced print. Smoke grey, dark red and rose pink colors create a feminine yet mysterious look. We’ve lined this robe with black silk so it feels as luxurious on the inside as it does on the outside! 

Rose Ice Cream by Salt & Lavender

Rose Ice Cream Recipe by Salt & Lavender

Rose Ice Cream:

Floral flavors aren’t often seen in desserts, but they can be used to create the perfect summer treat! This rose flavored ice cream is light and beautiful - and the ideal flavor for an English summer. See the full recipe at

Viola Hazel Tutu by Harlow & Fox

Viola Hazel Tutu by Harlow & Fox:

Our latest collection features this decadent lace piece that can be worn either as a tutu or as a cape! We love creating pieces that can go from the boudoir to the opera and look at home in either environment. This tutu is made from red Leavers Lace and caramel colored silk satin, making it the perfect piece to finish off any outfit elegantly. 

Fresh Vanilla Mint Ice Cream by A Beautiful Plate

Fresh Vanilla Mint Ice Cream by A Beautiful Plate

Fresh Vanilla Mint Ice Cream:

Fresh mint belongs in everything while it is in season! We love it for cooking, from a hint in a slowly simmered tomato sauce to a whole lot in a dish like this mint ice cream. The trick to making this recipe work is fresh mint leaves and real vanilla beans - don’t skimp on either! Check out the full recipe at 

Vivienne Draped Back Gown by Harlow & Fox

Vivienne Draped Back Gown by Harlow & Fox:

All of our silk draped back gowns are based on classic 1930’s silhouettes, but modernized for full busts! Bias cut silk panels create that timeless draped look, while custom front silk pieces help provide support for DD - F  or FF - G cups. A silk tie at the back ensures a lovely fit for all body sizes and shapes. 

Honey-Lavender Ice Cream by Lady Behind The Curtain

Honey Lavender Ice Cream by Lady Behind the Curtain

Honey Lavender Ice Cream:

Lavender has such a delicate herbal flavor! It makes it the perfect partner for a lightly sweetened honey ice cream, finished off with cream and condensed milk. This is a great summer treat for those of you who like your desserts on the less sweet side! Get the full recipe at

Elanor Lilac Kimono by Harlow & Fox

Eleanor Lilac Kimono by Harlow & Fox:

This gorgeous silk robe is peak summer. We love the lace accents at the cuffs and hem, along with the luxurious long silk tie to finish it off. It’s the perfect basic robe that you will cherish for years to come. 

Raspberry Ice Cream by Taste of Home

Raspberry Ice Cream by Taste of Home

Raspberry Ice Cream:

Sometimes a simple fresh fruit ice cream is the best kind of treat. We love this no frills recipe that produces a sweet and simple dessert every time. If you want, you can dress it up with various dessert sauces or homemade whipped cream and extra fresh berries. Get the full recipe at

Eleanor Damson Kimono by Harlow & Fox

Eleanor Damson Kimono by Harlow & Fox:

Our burgundy silk robe is a classic, whether you’re pairing it with fresh berries or a gorgeous merlot wine. We’ve combined black Leavers lace with a simply amazing silk to create a robe that you will live in for years: it’s perfect for wearing out over pants or for lounging at home decadently.