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Viola and Eleanor Almond Review by Hedora Helix

Tuesday Jul 11 2017

We were just so happy to read the beautiful and thoughtful review blogger Hedora Helix wrote about our Viola Almond longline silk and lace bra, and Eleanor Almond vintage-style silk French knickers, after winning them both in our contest with Sweet Nothings earlier this year. Both the Viola Almond and Eleanor Almond collections are designed to be mixed and matched, for creating an array of coordinate options, so it was lovely to see these two paired together.

It's great to read how different women with different breast shapes find the fit of the bras, since as much as we love to create something completely indulgent, silky, lacy and wonderfully luxurious, what good is luxury without fit? We've included some of the highlights of her review below, but follow through to her blog to read the full story, and also to see the rest of the beautiful ethereal summer-queen pictures she's taken to accompany it!

Harlow & Fox fit review by Hedora Helix

"I am finally getting round to writing a review of this beautiful set I won in Sweet Nothing’s giveaway a few months ago. Harlow & Fox very generously offered the winner the chance to spend up to £300 in their online store, and over the moon doesn’t even begin to describe how happy I was when I received the email from Sweets to tell me I had lucked out. Harlow & Fox have been on my when I’m a famous writer/gain a sugar daddy/daddi/mommy wishlist since their inception as a brand and I still can’t believe I actually own a set by them.

I was torn between the Serena Rose collection and Viola collection but ended up requesting the Viola longline bra and Eleanor French Knickers after I realised they came in the same colourway. I’ve been after a pair of their French Knickers ever since Karolina Laskowska raved about them in a post for The Lingerie Addict, so that was an easy decision to make as it’s rare to find French knickers that match a full bust longline bra. As H&F create such luxury pieces I decided against anything too “everyday”. I wanted to truly treat myself to something that didn’t look like most of my other lingerie, something that could be worn for extra special occasions or when I was in need of an extra indulgent self-care day. 

I won’t go into heavy duty fit and construction details, if you want more information Sweet Nothings has done several really, really helpful reviews on her blog. However I will say that I was not expecting to love the fit of this bra quite this much. My body shape isn’t the easiest for bra sizing. Particularly when it comes to longline bras! I have wide rooted, close set, projected breasts with incredible low density. No matter what size I buy in other brands I tend to spill out and migrate a lot during the day and find underwires often cut in uncomfortably under my arms. However, when I first put the bra on my initial thought, after: "oh my god I look like a fairy princess I’m gonna cry this is the most beautiful underwear ever," was: "holy crap, this bra actually fits". Like, perfectly encapsulating breast tissue, providing adequate but natural looking support and shaping fits.

I am honestly so happy with these items. I’ve only heard good things about H&F from other bloggers and now I know why. I would wholeheartedly recommend these to anyone looking for special occasion/indulgent underwear if you fall into the size range. And if you don’t it’s always worth an enquiry as H&F offer a bespoke service. If (and when!) I have the money, I won’t have a second thought about treating myself to another set."

Harlow & Fox fit review by Hedora Helix