Silk Washing Liquid


Preserve the beauty of your lingerie with our specially formulated hand washing liquid. Developed to enhance and retain the lustrous texture, colour and softness of silk fibre, one drop is sufficient for one wash in a basin of cool water. Please follow our instructions for how to wash silk lingerie for the best results. Bottle contains 100ml. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good stuff

Quality washing liquid, but it's very strongly perfumed. I can't use it for that reason, but if you tolerate perfume well then it's a very good scent! Also safe to leave out if you live with the sort of man who notices new detergent, thinks it must be good stuff but doesn't read the label or process any other kind of hint, and then uses it on his hiking gear. Waterproofing still intact.

Good to know it also works on hiking gear! Thanks for the perfume feedback too, we're working on bringing out an unscented version in future so hopefully that will be better for those with sensitive skin or preferring without perfume.
Wish they had an unscented version

Love this product (its clear, highly soluble and highly fragranced) but got my silks clean without deterioration or discoloration of the fabrics.
I'm salicylate intolerant but managed to use this without issue, however i wish they had a scent free version to accommodate those of us with this type of issues.

Simply wonderful

This wash perfectly took care of silk knickers which were labelled as dry-clean only. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Delicate and effective

My favorite lingerie wash. Only a little is needed and produces a good amount of lather under running water. It is also very effective and has kept my silk underthings in great condition, even my older pieces. The scent is delicate yet long lasting, not at all cloying like other lingerie washes I’ve tried.

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