Eleanor Grey DD - G Cup Bra

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The epitome of old time elegance, the Eleanor in a sophisticated dark grey combines indulgent silk lined cups, paired with beautifully intricate black Leavers lace. The classic shape makes the Eleanor a perfect choice for a special occasion, whilst providing a beautifully supportive fit for DD+ bra sizes. Gold toned components and hook and eye ensure no detail is forgotten, with a delicate teardrop pearl at the centre for a finishing touch.

Size and Fit

Available in UK sizes 30-38 DD, E, F, FF, G

Fitting Guide

Model wears 32G/Medium
Handwash only
Underwired full cup with side sling

Satin: 95% silk, 5% elastane
Lace: 45% viscose, 50% polyamide, 5% cotton
Net: 100% polyamide
Excluding trims

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Such a gorgeous colour and perfect fit! The band runs a bit tighter than newer styles' bands.

I have been eyeing this set for like 3 or 4 years but always thought I would "buy it later". Well, I finally got it and I am soooo happy! It's my 3rd Eleanor set and this colour is honestly so elegant. The silk is such a great quality. I love the signature lace in black. My other ones have white lace which is great but this one feels a bit different. I rarely buy the same set in many colorways but I think I could add another Eleanor to my collection (perhaps the burgundy one?). I think the fit is slightly different from my other Eleanors. Somehow it is a bit more uplifting but I am not sure if it's just because it's new and my old ones are 2 years old. The band feels tighter too even if they are the same size. So maybe this is from an early collection as I heard H&F silk bands used to be pretty tight. For me it's quite perfect as I am basically in between a 28 and 30 band. My bust is in between a 30FF and 30G and the 30G works perfectly so keep this in mind if you have full on bottom 30FF breasts. Anyway, I am always so amazed by this brand. Thanks for making such luxury well-fitting pieces in G cups!! I am a fan! <3


I got this in a 30F, depending on brand I usually wear a 28FF or 30F. After some trial and error with other colourways I have worked out that my ideal size in this bra is 30G. With the 30F I experience the same shape issue as Quinne did in her review on The Lingerie Addict, though not as bad. There is a downward pointy thing going on, and some double boob. In the 30FF this is a little better, but not quite a good fit still. However in the 30G the shape is natural, the apex lines up with that of the breast and nothing cuts in. Whoo! It could be that I should be wearing a bigger cup in my normal bras, but I don't like sizing up because then the wires become too wide. They work on this one.

My breast shape is slightly full on bottom, projected and close set. I normally wear plunges but the wires on this do not go too high in the center for me. I have skin sensitivities, and am prone to rib pain if wires are too stiff and sit too low. I can feel the wires on this bra, and they can hurt a little if I sit around for too long because my posture is awful and I'm basically shoving them into my ribs. Sit up a little and they are very comfortable. The silk is like balm on the skin. There are really only two points of irritation, and they are the hardware on the straps (I have them set to a length where the adjusters sit right on the part of my shoulder that takes the most weight) and the wire casings and closure bits. This is a problem I have with all bras. The reinforced end of the wire channel thing pokes me in the sides, because it is so stiff, and so does the point where the band is joined to the closures. They are made of a soft and comfortable fabric, it's just the stitching. But those things feel hard, not scratchy, so are easier to tolerate for me in any case.

The lace is SO beautiful and the silk is dreamy, the best I have ever seen! Perfectly elegant and easy to wear, very special and lovely but not so opulent it's scary. It truly works for any occasion!

Beautiful and Comfortable

This is my first bra from Harlow and Fox, and I am very impressed with it. First, it's beautiful. The fabric, the design, the packaging - all beautiful and luxurious. Second, the fit is perfect. It fits exactly the way a bra should fit. Third, it's comfortable. Really, really comfortable. I can tell that much thought went into the design of this bra. I love wearing something that's both beautiful and comfortable, and I feel a bit like a princess having it on!


This bra is amazing. Fits beautifully, makes me feel like a pin up model. My husband loves it. The presentation is perfect, so fun to open when it arrives!

Nice fit and gorgeous fabric

My search for beautiful lingerie in natural fabrics brought me to Harlow & Fox. I’m sure my search terms included “silk.” I was gratified to find a lovely looking bra in my predicted H&F size in the Outlet section. I was worried about fit, and it was easier to take the risk at a lower price. Now that I am confident of my size here and the quality of the products, I have forwarded the catalog to my husband and expect many future purchases by myself and (quite probably) gifts from him.

My Fantasie (UK brand) swim top is a 34F with a full cup, so that’s what I ordered from H&F. The fit is comparable.

With my pendulous natural shape, the Eleanor Grey Full Cup is only *just* full enough. The lacy upper cup allows my tissue to “flow like water” as I think of it. I wouldn’t wear this one for strenuous activity because I prefer more all over support for the breast tissue. That said, this is more comfortable than any other bit of “fancy” lingerie that I’ve ever purchased. I wouldn’t be afraid to wear it out of the house under formalwear or other finery. The “lack of support” is more equivalent to wearing heels when one prefers sneakers—an expected trade off to achieve a certain look.

The requirement for hand washing will limit my everyday wearing of my H&F splurges more than anything else. I wear a lot of silk, but almost all of it stands up well to careful machine washing using delicates bags for extra support and separation from other items. I use the hand wash cycle in a Miele machine, then carefully air dry. I will try to follow H&F’s more strict care instructions, because I love the pieces I bought, but only time will tell. As they age, I may run the risk and try laundering by my usual process because I am lazy!

For comparison, my usual everyday bras from mainstream brands in the USA are sized American 32G and made by Wacoal or Chantelle. Best fitting styles for my rather pendulous shape are Wacoal Awareness and Halo Lace or Chantelle Révèle Moi and Rive...