Silk Face Mask, Black with Black Lace


With non-medical face masks and coverings now a necessity in many situations, we are using our stock of existing materials to make them. This situation is far from glamorous, but this recent study suggested combining silk and cotton made for an effective covering, and since we have plenty of silk for making lingerie, we wanted to put it to a good additional use.


This style is made from black silk with an outer decorative layer of corded black French lace. Ideal for bringing some extra style to your grocery store run, or making something that is now needed feel a bit more welcoming. If you're looking for multiple similar styles, it is also part of the Black & Gold 6 Mask Set.


Each mask is triple layered, made from an outer layer of silk, and inner layer of cotton jersey, and a lining of silk for softness when wearing next to the face. There is also an inner filter pocket for using a filter if you wish. Please note filters are not included.


We have used a fitted shape to create as close a fit to the face as possible, with the option of either ribbon ties or elastic to fasten.


The elastic is cut to be worn behind the head, to avoid discomfort on the ears, but if you would prefer to wear around the ears you can just cut down the elastic to provide two loops at the shorter length instead. You can also unthread either the elastic or the ribbons to switch for your own fastening at a preferred length or style, nothing is sewn to the mask itself they are just threaded through side channels, for further customisation. 


Measurements -

Top of nose to bottom of chin - 15cm (approx 6 inches)

Depth at sides - 8.5cm  (approx 3 1/4 inches)

Width across, widest point at nose - 26cm (approx 10 1/4 inches)


  • Filter pocket (filters not included)
  • Triple layer (2x silk, 1x cotton)
  • Silk satin next to face
  • Either elastic or ribbon ties
  • Elastic length is cut to wear behind the head - cut it down if you prefer ear loops
  • No fastening sewn to mask, so you can exchange for your own if you prefer


Due to the nature of these items we are unable to accept returns on them unless faulty. 

These masks are not medically tested, and not intended to be used as such. We make no claim of antimicrobial or antiviral protection, or of any prevention or reduction of infection. Wearing a mask is not a substitute for hand washing, social distancing, refraining from touching your face or any other necessary healthcare measures. Please learn more about the use of face coverings at the World Health Organisation.

To clean your mask, hand wash it in a delicates detergent. You can also steam it with a steamer for additional sanitation if you wish. Please do not iron, bleach or tumble dry it. 

Always wash your hands before putting your mask on, and after taking it off. It should fit snugly across your face, covering your nose and mouth.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Favorite Mask!

With masks having become part of our wardrobe, I treated myself to the luxurious all black option and LOVE it! Not only is it gorgeous and well made, the fit is a lot nice than most others. Plus, the pocket for a filter is large enough that it's easy to insert. The mask washes well (by hand) and is my new favorite. I feel extra fancy with it on! And the silk against my skin is incredibly pleasant.