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Find your perfect fit with our guide to how to fit a bra, common fitting issues, and which size to choose


This should be in a straight, horizontal line around your body, not riding up at the back, but without being uncomfortably tight.

The cups should fully enclose your breast, without any spillage at the top, or gaping or wrinkling of the fabric.

These should sit flat against your chest, both at the front at the centre of the bra, and at the side under your arm. They should not be sitting against breast tissue.

Finding your perfect bra size if you wear a DD cup size and above can feel daunting, especially with shopping online. We’ve put together a handy guide for everything you need to look for to check your size is just right, and we’re always very happy to help with any fit and sizing questions. If there’s anything you’d like to check, just contact us and we’d be delighted to help you find the perfect fit.

We also offer complimentary worldwide returns and exchanges, with the option of a courier collection for our members, so if for any reason the size isn’t quite right for you, it’s hassle free to either return or to switch for the perfect one, no matter where you are in the world.

Our bra fitting guide is based on visually checking the fit of your current best-fitting bra, as we find that is the best way to assess sizing instead of using a tape measure, which often does not account for the many variations in body size, shape and fit preference.

The most important thing to remember with bra fitting is that you get to decide how you want your bra to feel. Our fitting tips can help with finding a size that can feel great on you, but if it doesn’t feel good for you to wear? That’s not the right size for you, and it’s perfectly okay to try another until you find something that makes you feel your best self, whether that “breaks the rules” or not!


✓ Different brands will all fit you slightly differently, so you can be more than one bra size depending on which brand you’re wearing.

✓ Your size will fluctuate over time, and can also vary throughout the month depending on your menstrual cycle, if you have one.

✓ If you usually wear a DD or E cup size and are accustomed to shopping with brands mostly making smaller cup sizes, you may find you’ve been used to the “+4” method of bra sizing, so have a look at the additional information on this below to make sure you’re in the right band size with us.

Please do check with us if you have any questions at all, we’re passionate about helping you find the perfect bra to feel your most exquisite self, and we can’t wait for you to be enjoying wearing it. So, let’s get started!

Correctly fitting luxury silk bra with horizontal band


The band of the bra should fit comfortably around your body in a horizontal line, fastened on either the loosest or middle set of hook and eyes.

Some customers find that fitting on the loosest hook is best for them, so they are able to tighten it over time as the band loosens with wear.

Others prefer to fit to the middle hook, to vary the fit according to fluctuations in size.

Our silk bands have less stretch than conventional powermesh, so don't be afraid of adjusting the fit according to your personal preference.

Incorrectly fitting silk band on DD - G cup bra


If you find the band is riding up at the back, this is usually a sign it is too large, so you may want to try a smaller back size.

If the cup is fitting well however, this will change your cup size - you will need to go up one cup size whilst going down one band size. For example, if your 34E is too loose in the band but perfect in the cup, try a 32F instead.

If you find the band is feeling uncomfortably restrictive, try going up a band size, and down a cup size if the cup still fits well - for example, a 32F would then go up to the 34E.

You can check which size you’ll need to switch to by using the handy table below – just move along the sizes to adjust band and cup as required.

Incorrectly fitting silk band on DD - G cup bra
Correctly fitting cups on luxury DD - G cup bra, with silk and lace lying flat


The underwires should lie flat against your chest at the centre front, and contain all of your breast tissue within them at the side. If you find the wires are digging in to the side of your breasts, or not lying against your ribcage, see if a larger cup size will work better for you.

The cup should fully contain your breast, without spilling over at the top, or having loose gaping fabric. It is natural to have one breast slightly larger than the other, so if this is the case try to ensure the best fit to the largest side. You can also try adjusting the back elastic strap to make the smaller side slightly tighter, if it is visibly different.

Bra fitting guide incorrectly fitting bra cups for DD+ sizes, silk and lace too loose

Cup wrinkling or gaping?

First, try adjusting the back elastic straps to see if that helps adjust the fit. If not, try a smaller cup size.

Cups too small on luxury silk bra, fitting too tightly on top of cups

Cup spilling over at the top?

Try a larger cup size. The cup should fully contain your breast, and make a smooth line at the top.

Luxury bra fitting incorrectly on DD - G cup size, with underwires too small

Underwires not sitting flat against your chest?

Try a larger cup size. The wires should sit flat against your chest, not against breast tissue.

Bra strap adjustment to find perfect fit


If you find your straps are digging in, it can sometimes mean the band is too loose so support is being forced to come from the straps, so do check the band is fitting horizontally around your body. 

If the cup is wrinkling a little, it can sometimes just be a matter of tightening up the adjustable elastic straps at the back to pull the cups up higher, so be sure to check you’ve adjusted the straps before trying another cup size.

All of our bras have gold rings at the back to allow rotation according to the width of your shoulders, and many also have them at the front for even more adjustability. Several of our bras have wide, flared silk straps to maintain the comfort of a wider strap with a more stylish look.

Lengthening or shortening the back elastics can also help with getting the fit just right for your body. We can also make custom alterations on the length of the back strap elastics in our studio for you if required, so do let us know if you’re finding you need a bit more or a bit less than the standard length allows.

Bra strap adjustment to find perfect fit


You will need to down a cup letter to keep the same cup volume. For example, a 34E will exchange for a 36DD NOT a 36E. The 36E will be going up both one band size, and one cup size.

You will need to go up a cup letter to keep the same volume. For example a 34E will exchange for a 32F, NOT a 32E. The 32E will be going down both one band size, and one cup size.

Go up one letter but keep the band the same. For example a 34E will exchange for a 34F. As we use UK sizing, we also include FF cup sizes – so they will run DD, E, F, FF, G cup.

Go down one letter but keep the band the same. For example a 34E will exchange for a 34DD. As we use UK sizing, we also include FF cup sizes – so they will run DD, E, F, FF, G cup.

Go up in the band, but keep the letter the same. For example, a 34E will exchange for a 36E, NOT a 34F, which would be going up one band size but also TWO cup sizes.

Go down in the band, but keep the letter the same. For example, a 34E will exchange for a 32E, NOT a 32DD, which would be going down one band size but also TWO cup sizes.

Double Checking Your Size For DD and E Cup Sizes

If you’ve been accustomed to shopping with brands making the majority of their sizes in A-DD cups, and your size is at the top end of theirs (for example if you’re a 34DD or 36DD, or sometimes 34E or 36E) you might be used to bra sizing with the “+4” method.

This takes the measurement of around your ribcage, where your bra band sits, and adds four inches to it.

Brands specialising in sizes above a DD cup like ourselves tend to not use this method, but instead will take your underband measurement to be the same as your underband size.

For example, if you measure 30 inches around your ribcage, you may have been wearing a 34DD size in your regular brand, but you would need to take a 30 band size in ours. 

Don’t forget, you will also need to alter the cup size using the table below to go up one cup size for every band size you go down.

You can check if this will apply to you either by measuring around your ribcage with a tape measure to see what it comes out as, or checking out the fitting information from the brand you usually shop with.

If they advise adding four inches to get your band size, you won’t need to with ours. Just drop us a note  if you’d like to check out any sizing queries with us, we’re always happy to help.


Now you know the right size for you, it’s time to find your dream bra. We specialise in 30 – 38 band and DD – G cup bra sizes, always created from the very finest materials to make you feel the most special version of yourself.

We can also make any of our styles in a selection of additional sizes, including D cups, GG cups and 40 bands, just enquire about our bespoke services.

Our sizes are always listed in UK sizing, so please use our International Size Chart to compare and make sure you get the size just right.

Just select your size below to discover a whole world of beautifully luxurious lingerie, designed especially for your size, in the finest silks, laces and bespoke embroideries.


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Compare bra sizes and and coordinate sizes for international size conversions


Band Sizes

UK 30 32 34 36 38
US 30 32 34 36 38
Europe 65 70 75 80 85
FR/ES/BD 80 85 90 95 100
AU/NZ 8 10 12 14 16

Cup Sizes

Europe E F G H J


Our sizing overlaps to allow for a greater variety of fit. Please use the international size conversion chart for a guideline of the correct size, or use our body measurement chart for a more accurate guide.

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